From reporter at The Toronto Sun to the art department of The Financial Post, to Senior Designer and Sys Admin at The Toronto Star, to game designer, web designer and book illustrator...MORE


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Graduate of Sheridan College (Oakville) Communications Division - Diploma. Graduate of The University of Toronto (University College, St. George campus) Honours BA...MORE


From Toronto, Ontario to Canterbury, England as student/writer to St. Maarten (Caribbean) as video/editor to Westport, Connecticut as designer/artist to New York, New York as technical writer and back to Toronto...MORE


Anomalous topics, diverse activities and incongruous pursuits including favourite books, games, movies, places and events from Star Wars to MacWorld to E3 and lots of interesting stuff...MORE

People & Pix

Stories of people who influence and inspire me from Jan Van Eyck to William Holman Hunt to Ed Catmull, John Lasseter, to Ridley Scott, Alexey Pajitnov, Syd Mead, Malcolm Lowry and William Gaddis...MORE


From mainframes to video arcades to Apple, Windows and Linux platforms, to CD-ROMs to web and HTML and Javascript to vector files and photo retouching to mobile devices...MORE