University College
University of Toronto - University College (King's College Circle)

I studied at the University of Toronto for eight years and earned a four year honours BA degree in English Literature (graduated "with distinction") with more credits than required, but they were in other disciplines such as art, philosophy and archaeology. I got to meet Northrop Frye and attend some of his lectures. My college was UC (University College) - pictured above. UC was established in 1853 and designed by architects William Cumberland and Frederic Storm. They said it was inspired by Oxford and Cambridge and designed in the Romanesque-Revival style. It has been designated a National Historic Site by the government of Canada.
Bachelor of Arts
Courtland Shakespeare graduation
Graduation Day at University of Toronto with my mother and grandmother (UC in the background). I still wanted to keep studying and was accepted into Graduate School. Along the way I spent a couple of years in NES (Near Eastern Studies) and learned to read and write 18th Dynasty Egyptian Heiroglyphs. While a volunteer at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), I worked on the Tutankamun tour and got to work in the "mask" room, because I could translate the writing on his gold and lapis lazuli mask.

Sheridan College - Oakville
Sheridan College in Oakville

Oakville has a reputation for animation. That was my first choice, but the waiting list was years long. There are many Disney and ILM people who are graduates from here. I applied and was accepted in the Communications Division instead. We studied writing, photography, video and audio. Upon graduation, I received the Lord Thomson Award as well as the Board of Governor's Silver Medal for Academic Excellence.

Sheridan diploma

Silver Medal

My grades at college gave me acceptance at the University of Toronto, which was my first and only choice for universities. The combination of a communications education and a Literature degree contributed to a career in journalism and interactive media design (games & web). Even if I never studied animation, I still ended up as an artist and illustrator in a parallel pursuit.