Courtland Shakespeare & Melissa
This is my friend Joe Trdak's "Lucky Melissa" - she was very small for a thoroughbred and about 2 years old here. No one wanted to buy her at auction, but Joe got her for approx. $1200. She ended up winning over $160,000 in purse money.

Star Wars interview
Click on the photo to read my connection to Star Wars. Way back then, I was just a student and had no idea who Harrison, Mark or Carrie were. The film had not opened yet (summer of 1977). This is my story of how I got to meet them and interview them and spend the day at The Royal York Hotel with them (the original interview is available on iTunes)

Shakespeare MiG-15
Sitting in the cockpit of a 1954 Russian MiG-15 (see my story published in GoodLife Magazine about Richard Cooper. My favourite aircraft designer is "Kelly" Johnson (F-104 and SR-71) and my favourite airplanes include the Lockheed Constellation, the P-51 Mustang and of course the Starfighter.

Shakespeare '48 Dodge
My 1948 Dodge Sedan. It had more chrome on the inside than it did on the outside, push button start (yeah, like that's new), heavy, solid, steel frame and bumpers - the police loved to pull me over just to check it out and look under the hood.

Shakespeare faves
This page wouldn't be anywhere near complete without my two favourite books - Under the Volcano (Malcom Lowry) and The Recognitions (William Gaddis). I should include Tristram Shandy, too, but I don't have a beat up old paperback copy of that. These are my faves - I have carried with me constantly and read over and over...

Shakespeare Spitfire
Back in University days with my favourite sports car - a 1975 Triumph Spitfire. It was a beautiful riding highway car with very sleek styling - even though it did have a small, lightweight motor. I'm still a car guy.

Courtland Shakespeare
Off to a Halloween party in the '80s - in the 1948 Dodge sedan, of course. My girlfriend (at the time), Shannon is a descendent of the great Fay Wray (born in Alberta). You may not be able to tell here, but underneath that costume there was definitely a family resemblance. I never heard her scream - FYI.