Jewels of the Oracle
My Jewels of the Oracle business card I made for the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 1995. That year, LucasArts was there with a closed booth. Steven Speilberg walked around the exhibit floor with a small entourage. Russian nuclear scientists stopped by our booth to watch me demo Jewels. One of them was Alexey Pajitnov (the creator of Tetris). Of course, I went over and talked to him. He was starting up a production company in LA.

My Bardworks card from 1997. This was my production company that produced Jewels II. We had a completely different crew than the first Jewels. 3D modelling was done on SGI computers (Silicon Graphics). using PowerAnimator (that used to be called Alias) that became Maya and StudioTools. SGI used MIPS processor chips back when Apple used Motorola and Windows used Intel. All that's history now.
Shakespeare Co.
After The Star, I started Shakespeare Company. I had lots of great clients including Side Effects Software (Houdini). I designed their manuals and promotional materials. Their founder (Greg) went on to win two Academy Awards® for technical innovation.
Our online game company Protostorm - based out of New York. I was the creative designer and technical writer for the company. It ended up branching out into a sister company Hexagon Entertainment, but business was all going downhill after September 11, 2001.

Before Protostorm I worked on a lot of web sites for high-end clients including ATT, ESPN, PanAmSat, MasterCard and many, many more. It was the peak of the era. Of course, once we rolled over into the new millennium, it became the dot.gone era. A lot of people got hurt when we all had to return to reality.

The Perfect Round

The Perfect Round is a hi-tech tale with a hand-drawn feel, because the story embraces both nature and technology - even though they do not belong together on the golf course.
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Toronto Star
My business card for The Toronto Star. I was the original Systems Administrator of the Editorial Art Department in the late 1980s. I set up a LAN (local area network) with a central server and wrote a custom, image search app in Hypercard. I art directed the Fashion, Food and Life sections for Canada's largest daily newspaper. They asked me to be "Electronic Art Director" when I told them I was leaving.
The Financial Post
My business card for The Financial Post. I brought their 100 year old art department into the digital world with Apple Macintosh computers and Adobe Illustrator vers.1 (it was B&W only - no colour). Colour was added to charts and illustrations with analog overlays.

MacWorld 92
I made this logo for MacWorld San Francisco 1992. I had been a lecturer there for a few years. They were exciting times, but they were also technically frustrating for us all. Programs were severely limited and film output was challenging. I met some of the original Apple Evangelists (Mike Boich and Guy Kawasaki) there.

That same year at Boston MacWorld, I got swarmed after a lecture about secrets of PostScript. I had taken a PS programming course at Adobe Systems and wanted to share information for creating efficient gradient formulas and vector artwork. The hall was standing room only. A few years later, my CD-ROM game Jewels of the Oracle won 1995 "game of the year" from the Boston Mac Users Group (BMUG).