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patio handle
Here's an interesting sequence to look at from VIEW (May 2010).
We had a good photograph of the outdoor furniture, but we didn't have the shot we wanted. This became a fun piece to assemble.
Take a look at the assembly sequence

...and yes, the handle is made with the Adobe Illustrator mesh tool.

Social Networking
I thought it would be funny to actually draw this illustration in
"pen and ink" because the story was about "social networking"
on interactive digital devices (Goodlife - January 2011).

The angle of the article was about how it's not supposed to be "tough to swallow." So I drew a planet covered in network icons that had to be transported by towmotor (that's not a texture map).

The drawing was sketeched on artboard in pencil, then inked with a quill pen, scanned, and coloured in Photoshop. (BTW this is just a detail from the illustration). Twenty years ago, I would have done the colour by painting ink on mylar overlays along with rubylith masking film - the way they used to do colour for comic books.

Guys and Dolls
This is one of my first jobs incorporating the mesh tool.
I started with a simple pair of dice, because I knew I wanted an extreme close-up for a playbill cover, but couldn't find a stock shot.
So I decided to make some. I love the way it captures that semi-translucent, soft, smooth edge.


Here's another illustration using the mesh tool for lighting and reflection. Instead of using a 3D program, I faked the upper "screen" part with a bunch of circles. It's a little funky at the top and at the edges, but I love the metallic luster you can get.