Although the supplied furniture shot was great, ti didn't have the outdoor look we wanted. So I went out back behind our office building and took a photo of the summer sky over the parking lot..

parking lot sky
You can see the cars and the distant trees. It was a beautiful day. All it needed was some furniture to sit on...
add sky
I just roughed in the combination of plants and trees, because no one was going to notice. There would be so many other details to distract the eye.
This is where it got a bit tricky. You need to trick the eye to make it look like there is a layer of glass. Only part of the image would be used, but it would have to be a perfect, partial, duplicate layer.

glass glare
Note the bit of transparent flare at the top left. It's a cheap trick, but the eye expects to see an effect of sunlight on the glass and this was an easy way to do it.

partly open
With the dark layer and highlight now on top, all that's left is to add the door frame. The frame is just a tall slender rectangle with a simple mesh highlight.

door handle
The door frame covers the seam between layers and sells the illusion of glass.

finished page
Here is the finished page with type and headline. For a larger version of the final image, go the full size version.