This is the original intro title to Gems of Darkness. It was supposed to be distributed by Corel, but was part of a new game division that ended up getting dropped. The game wasn't just a sequel, but more of a "re-make," because the original Jewels got botched up in the banruptcy of its original distributor (Discis). H+A Entertainment brought out initially and very tentatively, but ended up folding. Then DreamCatcher made a deal and took the property off their hands. They were the ones who got Jewels 1 from Discis (after the bankruptcy). That's the why there are 2 boxes for the same game. They changed the name to Jewels II and put it in a new box - similar to their JOTO box. No matter what, I still love the music by Steve Sauve - who scored all of the superb music for both Jewels games.