Forever Worlds title screen
The title screen from the game. I had hoped this would have been the box or package cover, but it ended up being a "splash" screen. It's an interior shot from the temple where the magic shoes are kept. The shoes could make any inanimate object walk.

Forever Worlds
Russian CD jewel case
Forever Worlds Russian
Someone put some time into designing this package cover. That's my spooky wizard mask, but he's floating there in front of Jack in the butterfly dimension - a scene that never takes place in the game. I love the fact they grabbed the butterfly aspect from the game, but where did Jack get that bandage on his arm? and why is his shirt sleeve ripped. I love it.

FW final exchange
I love this scene. It is the denouement of the story - where it all gets resolved and the characters switch places. Unfortunately, due to budget restraints, the whole sequence got truncated and players found it difficult to follow. The whole project probably would have worked a lot better as a movie.

Forever Worlds sunset
Ahhh - the sunset ending. It would be a great place to start the sequel. It always reminded me just a bit of The Creature From the Black Lagoon which was a favourite film of mine. There's nothing like an adventure on a small boat in a jungle where you are cut off from civilization and you've stumbled onto a terrifying bit of history lost in time. Who wouldn't want to be there?

Forever Worlds door
A classic - the door in the middle of nowhere. This reminds me of classic cartoons where anything is possible. In Forever Worlds you could pass between dimensions, but there was also a "back stage" area for maintenance. It had cold empty hallways providing access to anywhere in the game. I always loved the idea of that. It was like the interactive map in Jewels II, except you actually travelled between dimensions as if you were an engineer from Westworld.

Forever Worlds mountain
This is a nod back to the original Jewels of the Oracle, because of my love of archaeology and ancient civilizations. A giant condor grabbed you and flew you up into the mountains where you had to find a pair of magic wings.

Forever Worlds Spanish
Entra en lo Desconocido...

The Spanish package. I believe "desconocido" translates as "unkown." The artwork for this cover is the same for English and German. I never liked it. I can understand why they wanted to depict multiple worlds or dimensions, but the design suffers, because it is "unfocused."

The German package subtitle says, "Reise durch Unbekannte Dimensionen" which sounds like unknown dimensions. That's cool. I have no idea what the Russian package says.

Forever Worlds Russian
The slogan on the shield "" is a Russian URL for a web site where I believe you can download the game. It's interesting the site is included on the cover of a package indicating it is a PC game for Windows.

The cyrillic translates directly as "Other Peaces" which is also interesting. I also like seeing my Hexagon logo on the CD jewel case (left). I just wish I could find a copy somewhere so I could buy it!

Forever Worlds
I have no idea what this is or where it came from, but it is definitely my game. You can tell by the butterfly door behind the ancient Central American native character. I'd like to have a copy of this - just to have the package

Forever Worlds begins
Here's how it starts. Jack is seen here switching identities with the High Priest inside the vesitbule of the Sacred Tree. Now he has to search through multiple dimensions to find his future father-in-law, Professor Maitland. The Priest, however, is now Jack and he goes back to the boat looking for Nancy (Jack's girlfriend).

Forever Worlds butterfly
One of the dimensions he finds is powered by giant butterlies. He helps them escape. Here's a picture of Jack catching a ride to his next destination.

Forever Worlds machinery
I've always had a soft spot for machinery and interface design. Here's my idea of a combination puzzle device using some retro equipment from the pre-atomic age.

Forever Worlds machines
More dark rooms filled with machines. They had a lot more personality back then - even if they were as primitive as a steam engine.